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Client: Slatka tvornica Medenko


Croatia can be quite hot in the summer, which is why it's nice to have homemade ice cream right around the corner. Medenko is a local ice cream parlor and one of the finest establishments Zagreb has to offer. They were in need of a new visual identity to fit their growing popularity, and we were happy to oblige. Ivana, the owner, is a good friend of the studio, so it was only natural that we help.  

Medenko takes its name from Ivana's best friend, who also happens to be the brand's mascot. We wanted to incorporate him into the new design. It wouldn't feel right otherwise. There are over 70 flavors offered at Medenko, which meant an emphasis on versatility. 

We opted for a universal design of parallel stripes and interchangeable icons. This resulted in a template that could accommodate new flavors as needed. By changing the color scheme each flavor can have its own unique but uniform visual identity. 

We wanted the typography to be legible and easy to understand, complementing the practical design of the body. We opted for a script typeface for the brand name and used slab serif for the individual flavors.

Ivana was quite happy with the final design. Medenko has since grown to be a recognizable brand in Zagreb, and we look forward to meeting their design needs soon.


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Studio Sudar d.o.o.,
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Draškovićeva 80, 10000 Zagreb, HR
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