Visual identity

Client: Radin d.o.o.


Established in 1995, Radin is a print and repro material shop based in Sv. Nedelja, Zagreb County. Radin is well known as largest wholesaler of graphic materials and equipment and chemical materials. To mark their 25th anniversary, Radin approached us with the task of redesigning the company’s branding.

The lettermark logo consists of a single stylized R, fittingly in the form of a paper scroll. To follow that form we used a geometric font with the specific style of writting. The Mabgate - Regular helps Radin stand out amongst other print shops, many of which have opted for simple sans serif wordmark logos.


The primarily green color scheme reflects Radin’s commitment to green principles of minimal waste and sustainability, complemented by standard black and white for emphasis. 

The final design proved to be vibrant, hip and eye-catching. We were happy to assist Radin in celebrating 25 years of outstanding service to Zagreb’s design and print communities.


Vozilo mock up

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Studio Sudar d.o.o.,
Draškovićeva 80, 10000 Zagreb, HR
OIB: HR60948186194

Studio Sudar d.o.o.,
Draškovićeva 80, 10000 Zagreb, HR
OIB: HR60948186194

Studio Sudar d.o.o.,
Draškovićeva 80, 10000 Zagreb, HR
OIB: HR60948186194

+385 98 983 6579