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Client: Fragaria


KAP brings Mediterranean freshness to a busy urban world. Vegan-based, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and gluten-free, KAP harnesses the pure essence of Mediterranean ingredients to bring out your skin’s natural radiance. KAP’s restorative strength stems from its use of immortelle, or everlasting flowers, as the main ingredient. These plants are known for their healing properties and are highly sought after. A true blend of luxurious botanicals and nutrient-rich extracts, KAP offers a transformative experience that nourishes, revitalizes, and rejuvenates.

KAP’s name comes from the Croatian word for drop, emphasizing the potency of its skincare remedies. The brand identity revolves around two key visuals: the wordmark and the pictorial. 

For the former, we opted for a smooth typeface that evokes imagery of droplets, as seen in the center letter. We took an abstract approach to the pictorial, creating a medley that brings to mind scenes of Mediterranean nature - trees, birds, water, wind, and the like.

In contrast to key visuals inspired by the natural world, KAP’S color palette reflects themes of opulence and urbanism. In this case of opposites attract, both sides of the design work to complement the other. Of note is the gradient, which not only reminds one of golden luxuries, but radiant, healthy skin as well.

Through an enriching, sustainable product and compelling identity, KAP sets itself apart from other skincare brands.


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Studio Sudar d.o.o.,
Draškovićeva 80, 10000 Zagreb, HR
OIB: HR60948186194

Studio Sudar d.o.o.,
Draškovićeva 80, 10000 Zagreb, HR
OIB: HR60948186194

Studio Sudar d.o.o.,
Draškovićeva 80, 10000 Zagreb, HR
OIB: HR60948186194

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