Enikon Aerospace

Visual identity

Client: Enikon Aerospace


Enikon Aerospace is an interior decoration company with an interesting niche - aviation. They provide a wide range of services from painting to repairs and are quite good at what they do. In fact, Enikon recently became the leading company of its type. They commissioned us to design a new visual identity reflecting their newfound prestige. As always, we were more than happy to help.

We began with the logo. Per Enikon's request, we opted for a three-dimensional design. Our goal was to create a stylized E in the shape of a drop, reminiscent of a globe as well.

We extra aid close attention to the logo's dimensions. We ended up using a range of techniques and equations to ensure consistency. The outcome was a logo that not only caught the eye but was versatile as well. 

We used a palette of soft analogous blues to evoke imagery of the sky and airplanes. This also complemented the logo given its globe-themed inspirations. 

We were delighted to have worked with Enikon. They provide a crucial but not always recognized service. It's safe to say we can thank them for a comfortable flying experience.


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