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Client: Zadružna pivovara brlog


In collaboration with Fabular agency, we designed these labels for our friends over at Brlog. Based in Zadar, Brlog is a collective of brewers and beer enthusiasts dedicated to the pursuit of independent brewing. They are led by Ana Teskera and Maja Šepetavec, two extraordinary women who set out bring their expertise to Croatia’s ever-growing craft beer scene. It goes without saying Brlog has made some truly tasty brews over the years.

We oversaw the logo design and typefaces. In keeping with Brlog’s mission, the logo stands for the concept of zagruda - a community in which there is no one owner. We opted for a minimalist approach to emphasize the design’s true purpose. Brlog is never behind when it comes to artistic taste. With each new beer comes new artwork. 


Our design functions as a template that allows independent artists to showcase their illustrative talent. The centerpiece of this particular design comes from Mario Romoda, one of Zagreb’s most unique solo artists.

To date, Brlog has released 11 batches, each beer unique, and each label a different story.We applied our design in the usual manner. We helped out with Brlog’s interior identity, making designs for tables, fridges, beer crates and the like. We also took charge of merchandising efforts. T-shirts, hoodies, stickers and of course the iconic Brlog van.

Whether it’s a blond ale or fruity IPA, you can always count on Brlog to deliver exceptional beer. Crafted by stubbornness.


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Studio Sudar d.o.o.,
Draškovićeva 80, 10000 Zagreb, HR
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Studio Sudar d.o.o.,
Draškovićeva 80, 10000 Zagreb, HR
OIB: HR60948186194

Studio Sudar d.o.o.,
Draškovićeva 80, 10000 Zagreb, HR
OIB: HR60948186194

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