Dida Duje

Packaging / Illustration

Client: Self-initiated


D_UJE (THE OIL) is a project, which has emerged as a SUDARs wedding gift. The oil is made from olives harvested by the bride’s grandfather Duje Mrkobrad. The name’s derivation is clearly from grandfather’s name Duje, with initial letter D sounding much like the word "the", a pronoun stressing something very important and significant. The oil is extra virgin, made of three kinds of olives from Mali Lukoran on the island of Ugljan.

When creating packaging we wanted it to be personal, a reflection of Duje’s hard work, effort, and the time he has dedicated to his olive trees over the last 50 years. We used his illustration and thoughts in handwriting that say; “When I think about my olives that are immersed in sunshine all year round and the cold north wind that fills the air with sea salt…and those drops of rain that touch their skin that is so few and far between - that makes me think of a freedom beyond compare. That freedom is embodied in every single drop of this oil. Taste it, indulge, listen…because it has a story to tell”.


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