Client: Cissa


To create a label for the already well-positioned brand of premium Boškinac wines from the island of Pag was a challenge. Our task was to connect all labels through a single system of recognition.

Although we were working on a bigger diversity of individual labels, we decided on the unique shape and unique position of the sign. Also, choosing a variety of printing techniques and paper we distinguish individual labels.


Selected Works

XoinkVisual identity

The Rebel GinPackaging

O'HaraVisual identity

Meat the kingVisual identity / Packaging

TeeshenaVisual identity / Packaging

MedenkoVisual identity / Packaging

Dida DujePackaging / Illustration

Ruksak pun kultureVisual identity

MedveščakVisual identity

Ministry of HealthVisual identity

ReshetkaVisual identity

JGL ReportsEditorial design / Illustration

EnikonVisual identity

Kralj kobasaVisual identity / Packaging

KalypsoVisual identity


QVisual identity

IndigoVisual identity

Logo collectionLogo collection

CottonarmyVisual identity / Web

BorbaVisual identity

AlgebraVisual identity

Jazz & WineVisual identity

JGL signalizationSignalization