Visual identity


Over the years Studio Sudar has created numerous visual identities. Today many of them stand in office buildings, hotels, clubs, restaurants, and most often on business cards and letterheads. We have selected just a handful that are recognized by others, from Wolda (World Best Logo selection) to LogoLounge publications.

logotipi awards-01logotipi awards-01
logotipi awards-02logotipi awards-02
logotipi awards-03logotipi awards-03
logotipi awards-04logotipi awards-04
logotipi awards-05logotipi awards-05
logotipi awards-06logotipi awards-06
logotipi awards-07logotipi awards-07
logotipi awards-08logotipi awards-08
logotipi awards-09logotipi awards-09
logotipi awards-10logotipi awards-10
logotipi awards-11logotipi awards-11
logotipi awards-12logotipi awards-12
logotipi awards-13logotipi awards-13
logotipi awards-14logotipi awards-14
logotipi awards-15logotipi awards-15
logotipi awards-16logotipi awards-16
logotipi awards-17logotipi awards-17
logotipi awards-18logotipi awards-18
logotipi awards-19logotipi awards-19
logotipi awards-20logotipi awards-20
logotipi awards-21logotipi awards-21
logotipi awards-22logotipi awards-22
logotipi awards-23logotipi awards-23
logotipi awards-24logotipi awards-24
LOGOTIPI awards-25LOGOTIPI awards-25
logotipi awards-25logotipi awards-25